Your "All-In" Real Estate Agents

What are you looking for in a realtor partner? I suppose everyone has different things on their checklist. I'll share mine, and then I'd love to hear you share yours. When I need a realtor in another city of course one of my primary concerns is to see if they know what they're doing. Many years of experience is great, but of even more importance to me is recent experience. Markets are changing all the time, and someone who had a pulse on the market ten years ago might not have a great pulse on the market at the moment. 

Aside experience and market knowledge, my second biggest concern is accessibility. If I can't get a call back from the realtor I reach out to, I begin to wonder if my referred client will have trouble as well. If I really want to help insure my referred client can successfully win a house, they will need to be able to get a hold of their realtor. I know not all markets are like Austin, but here the best priced houses are here today and gone tomorrow, many often having multiple offers in just one or two days on the market. Just incase that other city's market is similar to red-hot Austin, I want my client to have a really responsive realtor.

A third thing I'm often looking for is a realtor that is "all in." I know there are certainly lots of good part-time realtors out there, but I feel better about those who have all of their work time available to devote to real estate. Maybe my bias is unfounded, but if my referred client could only get showings on nights and weekends, or between other occupational appointments, things might be much more difficult.

If my checklist items are anything like what you're looking for, then let me tell you a little about myself. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, I'm applying for a job!  In about the past half year I've sold or put more than 34 houses under contract, sold property in more than a dozen zip codes, transacted new builds and resales, and have probably shown close to a thousand houses all over the greater Austin area. I've been in more competitive bid situations this past year that I can even count, seemingly almost every week. I feel like I have a pretty good beat on Austin's current market pulse. 

With seven realtors or brokers in the family, real estate has just become part of our family culture. I first got my license back in 2003, but although I have been involved in different businesses and entrepreneurship over the years, real estate client assistance has been my sole focus for some time now. I'm a FULL TIME realtor, and I'm "all in!" I'd love to be "all in" for your clients as well.

Finally, I have a personality trait that can be helpful you. I have a natural sense of urgency about most things, which conveniently fits this fast paced market.  When something needs to get done, my philosophy is that there's no time like the present. Whats more, I have a stellar team to back me up, one that I probably don't talk about enough. I have an amazing assistant, who is also an experienced licensed realtor. I also have a transaction coordinator, as well as another buyer specialist agent to help out. In the next month or two, we may also be adding another one or two buyers specialists as well. Sure, there will be times where I can't be immediately available, but on my team there's almost always someone you can talk to.

Give me a call, text, or email today and feel free to give me your most difficult interview questions. I'd love to give your clients a great home buying experience here in Austin.